Wii RedSquare 0.96

This evening RedSquare 0.96 for Nitendo Wii is released by PlaatSoft. The following changes were made:

02-03-2009 Version 0.96
– Improve local high score screen. Add score stars.
– Improve game over screen. Add score stars.
– Added three extra game settings buttons.
– Improve square images.
– Update menu screen information.
– Disable Wii DVD light thread. Not stable.
– Added support for maximum four concurrent players.
– Added game level: Easy, Medium and Hard.
– Gameboard border size is now related to selected game level.
– Amount of blue squares is now related to selected game level.
– Start position of blue squares can now be randomized.
– Enable A and B button to select red square during game.
– Press Home button to go back to the main menu.
– Added screenshots to source code documentation.
– Improve debug trace information.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

11 thoughts on “Wii RedSquare 0.96”

      1. 😀 Ya if not on the PC at school or work, the iPhone fills in all the time in between. Just love the fabulous work Wii homebrew game developers are putting out, such as your self. Haven’t seen another homebrew console with such a vibrant and creative online community surronding it.

        Ironically the Anti-Spam security word is also “WII”. 😆

  1. Hi!

    Congratulations for your software.
    I’m a RedSquare Player, I love it.
    If you are not already intentioned to do it, I’d like to suggest you to separate the highscores by level of difficulty: I think it’s a little bit clear and not too much trouble to do it.
    I got an heart-attack when I found that somebody overtake my highscore :-), and then I realized that it was on a different level of difficulty…
    Thanks again for what you are doing!
    Best regards.

      1. Take all your time, mine is just a suggestion! 🙂
        I did some test yesterday on 0.96 version, and I got the impression that something has been changed on the collision procedure: I feel like the squares freeze a little bit before colliding. I didn’t get this feeling till versione 0.95.
        Another thing that happens with this version is that since the red square is grabbed automatically and you don’t have to push buttons on wiimote, the wiimote (at least mine) goes in power saving or something like that, so I have to push time to time a button in order to keep it alive.
        I hope these info can be useful in some way.

        1. Hi Mattia,

          You detect small changes very well ;-}.

          The little freece is course by the fact that when all players died, directly the highscore is updated to file (sdcard). The methode returns after this action the highscore ranking place. This information is showed on screen. That is the reason for the very small freece. How faster your SDCard is how shorter the freece! In the previous releases the highscore was updated when you left the Game Over screen but then it was not directly clear with place you have reach in the local highscore.

          Strang issue (WiiMote timeouts). I never see this happen before. You are the first which is reporting this issue. My WiiMotes (i have three) only go to sleep when I do not press any button and do not point to the screen for at least 60 seconds. Anyway in the next release i will increase this timeout value to 300 seconds.

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