WarQuest 2.4

Today Plaatsoft released WarQuest v2.4. The following features are added:

29-08-2011 version 2.40
Game website
– Added Wheel of Fortune casino game.
– Added basic casino functionality. More is coming soon!
– Move Logout button to home submenu.
– Added more awards with more bonus expercience points.
– Update all existing player accounts with new award schema.
– Improve award help and skill point page.
– Improve worldmap. Sea is now transparant.
– Corrected total request count. Bots actions are not counted anymore.
– Improve some database queries. Now faster page response.
– Added admin cleanup battle log action.


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WarQuest 2.3

Today Plaatsoft released WarQuest v2.3. The following features are added:

25-08-2011 version 2.30
Game website
– Added Nasdaq, DowJones and AEX stock exchange with realtime price information.
– Enlarge maximum amount of buildings from 300 to 350.
– Improve best country leaderboard (Added total server requests).
– Replace bots country name from Europe to Cyberspace.
– Added discount buildings. Give building price discount.
– Refactor existing buildings.
– Added “Nuclair power plant” energy building.
– Make source code compliant with the PHP 5.3.x standard.
– Added some missing country names.

– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.
– Please visit to upload player image.


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PHP stock information example

Hereby an easy example how you can use the webservice to fetch stock exchange information with PHP.

	function warquest_stockarray($data,$delim=',',$enclosure='"') {
		for($i=0;$i<strlen($data);$i++) {
				case $enclosure:
					if($enclosed&&$data{$i+1}==$enclosure) {
					} else {
				case $delim:
					if(!$enclosed) {
					} else {
				case "\r":
					if (!$enclosed&&$data{$i+1}=="\n") continue;
				case "\n":
					if(!$enclosed) {
					} else {
		if($fldval) {
		return $ret_array;

	function warquest_stock($stocksymbols) {		
		$url = sprintf("", $stocksymbols);
		$data = file_get_contents($url);
		for($i=0;$i<count($stocklist);$i++) {
			$stocksymbol=trim($stocklist[$i][0], '\"');
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["stocksymbol"] = 
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["company"] = trim($stocklist[$i][1], '\"');
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["last"] = $stocklist[$i][2];
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["date"] = trim($stocklist[$i][3], '\"');	
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["time"] = trim($stocklist[$i][4], '\"');					
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["change"] = $stocklist[$i][5];
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["open"] = $stocklist[$i][6];
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["high"] = $stocklist[$i][7];
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["low"] = $stocklist[$i][8];
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["volume"] = $stocklist[$i][9];
			$stock[$stocksymbol]["prevclose"] = $stocklist[$i][10];	
		return $stock;

WarQuest 1000+ players

Since the launch (13 March 2011) of WarQuest more then 1000 players has joined the game. Wow! 🙂 . So a very special thanks to everyone who’s been downloading, playing and commenting this game.

Official WarQuest Statistics

Players 1002
Battles 253.484
Windows client dowloads 1.674