WarQuest 0.40

This week the following functionality is build in WarQuest

27-02-2011 Version 0.40
Game Website
– Added tooltip on battle / mission / player page.
– Background image is now fix.
– Improve player overview page.
– Added leaderbord – best player
– Added missing units up to level 200.
– Added more mission – unit connections.
– Added buy missing units during mission play.
– Added random mission unit los.
– Added unit lost can be enabled/disable per level.
– Added battle summary show used weapon units.
– Added dot support in money javascript.
– Improve battle log text.
– Improve number format.
– Added settings page (change nickname and/or password).
– Performance tuning. Include only php file when needed.
– Refactor login functionality.
– html parameters are now hidden. Nice clean url during game.
– Optimise login, forgot password page.
– All hyperlinks are now encrypted to prevent hacking.
– Added alliance size to mission.
– Improve Health, Energy and Ammo countdown timer.
– Added configuration settings in array.
– Send welcome email to new register player.
– Added Password reset on login page.
– Added unit damage functionality during fights.
– Prevent income to become negatief because of unit upkeep total.
– Bugfix: Java script hourly money did not work.
– Bugfix: Defense strength was not correct calculated.
– Bugfix: Prevent negatieve income by selling a building.
– Bugfix: Initial attack and defense value was wrong.
– Bugfix: Several issues solved during battle events.

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