PlaatEnergy 0.5

PlaatEnergy v0.5 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

20-01-2016 PlaatEnergy v0.5

  • General: Move all configuration items to database.
  • General: Add settings page.
  • General: Add energy, gas, solar measurement correction page.
  • General: Improve header and footer block of all pages.
  • General: Improve error handeling. If something goes wrong user is better informed.
  • Realtime Information: Add slider effect to information boxes.
  • Realtime Information: Add sunrise and sunset information box based on location.
  • Realtime Information: Add energy and gas carbon dioxide emission information box.
  • Realtime Information: Setting slider contain now more options.
  • Installation: Database is now automaticly created/patched during installation.
  • Installation: Now only one cron job is needed.
  • Installation: Python sensors scripts fetch device settings from database.
  • Installation: When new version is available user is informed.
  • Bugfix: Energy / Weather station meter connection down detection improved.

Click here to download the latest version.

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