Released EventNotification 5.x-2.2

Today PlaatSoft released EventNotification v5.x-2.2 with the following changes

16-09-2009 Version 5.x-2.2
– BugFix: Now auto module upgrade detection is working.
– Updated event_notification cvs repository for automatic update detection.

3 comments to Released EventNotification 5.x-2.2

  • Ben Hicks

    I am looking for something like this for a calendar project. Do you plant to upgrade it to Drupal 6 ? Thanks

    • I am all ready busy porting this module to Drupal 6. There is only one problem. I us some low level php / sql source code to insert (event) nodes. This low level source code is not working in Drupal 6. Data model has changed a lot. So i will take some more research to port the module. I will do my best to release the module with in one week from now!

      • Hi Ben, Porting this module to Drupal 6 did not work out fine. Sorry for that! Because i am very busy, I have decided to cancel this task.

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