WarQuest 0.90

Today PlaatSoft released WarQuest v0.90. This release contain the following changes and bug fixes:

01-04-2011 Version 0.90
Game Website
– Added admin comments maintenance page.
– Refactor function names of game.
– Added unit amount on battle page.
– Improve alliance page.
– Improve login page layout.
– Performance improvement. Split php and image service.
– Added maintenance mode page.
– Added deploy or disband multiple units with one click.
– Added buy or sell multiple buildings with one click.
– Initial (new account) skill points increase from 3 to 10.
– Now only players can be attack with maximum two level difference.
– Bug fix: Alliance size on leaderboard corrected.
– Bug fix: Resolve some small GUI layout issues.
– Bug fix: Nokia ccs stylesheet.
– Bug fix: Internet Explorer css stylesheet.
– Bug fix: Leaderboard player attack is now restricted.
– Retested game with Firefox, Safari, IE, Nokia and Opera browser.


Click here to enter directly the game!

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