Progress report TowerDefence

Hello everybody,

Hereby a short progress report of the design phase of the TowerDefence game. The gameboard design is all most ready. I am now concentrating on the game graphics. After this is ready i will implement the needed game logic. I am still on schedule 😆 I think the first beta release will be available half April.

Best Regards wplaat

6 thoughts on “Progress report TowerDefence”

  1. Im Intrested in Beta Testing this Game it looks intresting but many games ive played before had some key bugs no ones found if you are intrested email me soon. Good luck with your new homebrew 😀

  2. Hi, any progress news?
    No rush, i’m sure it will be ready when it’s ready 😉
    It’s just.. now that we have bootmii, i need something else to look forward to 8)

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