TowerDefense 45.000 downloads

Since the launch of Wii TowerDefense, it is downloaded over 45.000 times.

Official Count

Homebrew Browser 40.710 times (place 67)
My website 2.551 times
Google Code website 1.739 times
Total 45.000 times

5 thoughts on “TowerDefense 45.000 downloads”

    1. Ho Joshua,

      The daily high score is cleaned automatically every day. The global high score is not cleared. So which high score do you reference to?
      Sometimes i manually clean up illegal Tower Defense global high score because these high scores are made which a very old
      version of the game. Maybe that’s what you see happening. Because upgrade to the highest available version i try it again!


    2. Willem,

      Thank you for your time. Sorry I was not clear. I am referring to the global high score. I am upgraded to the highest available version. Why are the global high scores removed if I am upgraded to the highest version since there is not a top out level. Thanks.


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