WarQuest 2.6

Today WarQuest 2.6 is released. The following improvements and changes are implemented:

25-09-2011 version 2.6
Game website
– Complete redesign of battle functionality:
  – Now you can fight or bounty hunt other players.
  – You can set a bounty on someone head on the battle page.
  – If the player with bounty is defeated, he will lose some experience points.
  – Bounty hunting feature is enabled at level 5.
– Battle attack force selection is now stored.
– Added “President Office” discount building.
– Added admin action – update building discount value for all player!
– Added default picture for robot players.
– Added leaderboard position information on home page.
– Added active country count information on login page.
– Casino games are now unlocked during the game play.
– Unit and building attack / defense values updated.
– Enlarge maximum amount of buildings from 450 to 600.
– Added full automatic cron jobs

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