5 thoughts on “Released addressbook 6.x-3.7”

  1. Installed the latest module, and enabled it. Found it in my configuration menu, but other that that, it is nowhere to be seen on my site. Re-read the README file, but not helpful. Take for example line 2 in the installation instruction:

    2. Go to ‘administer -> modules’ and enable activeselect.

    This doesn’t even make sense. However, i’m assuming that the author meant to say select/enable the module from the module list.

    More importantly, I cannot find the addressbook anywhere even though the tables have been created.
    Take the last line in the installation guide:

    5. Create a new drupal menu which is pointing to the following URL http://!your URL!/addressbook/family/list.
    Now you can access the address book by this URL.

    Tried the url ( http://localhost/addressbook/family/list) DOESN’T WORK! SO i didn’t even bother creating a menu item (which should be part of the installation process ideally anyway).

    In summary, a potentially incredible and essential drupal module, rendered absolutely useless.

  2. Ok, I tried it again.. this time realised that I hadn’t set the necessary permissions to view and edit etc. And now its working beautifully!!!

    Thank you so much for this module, I will be writing an extremely favourable review on the drupal modules website!!! Fantastic.

  3. Excellent, Essential and Well Presented Module.

    The first time I tried to install this module I had no joy. Then I realised that it is necessary to ensure that user permissions are set and works beautifully.

    I cannot believe this is the only address book module out there, since I would have thought that so many people would find this useful.

    All 5’s because it meets all my needs and expectations, except for the documentation which is ever so slightly lacking (esp for a newbie).

    Just remember to enable permissions for this module, and if you are working off a wamp installation then point your browser to


    I think a ready-made menu link as part of the installation process would also be rather helpful in future version if possible.

    In short, simple, solidly functional and well presented. Great great stuff.

  4. hi,
    I’m testing Drupal 6.15 on my own LAMP (with Ubuntu 9.10). Installation of Addressbook was OK and I got an administration menu entry, but the URL http://localhost/~username/addressbook/family/list doesn’t work
    Notice that simplified URLs are not actived on this site (doen’t work, don’t know why)

    What can I do ? Thank’s in advance (and my apologies for my poor english)

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