WarQuest 6.4

WarQuest v6.4 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

17-02-2014 WarQuest v6.4
Game Server

  • Update premium gold features:
    • Added premium membership feature to Home->Trade page
    • Premium membership has the following benefits:
      • Double experience during battles and missions.
      • Triple money during battles and missions.
  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added clan bank transaction log.
    • Added clan bank depostit fee.
    • Added clan bank daily service charge.
  • Added basic SOAP web service interface
    • URL is http://www.warquest.nl/service?wsdl
    • Added getPlayer methode
    • Added getClan methode
    • Added getPlanet methode
    • Added doBattle methode
    • Added doMission methode
  • Enable HTTPS in Apache (based on selfsigned certificate).
  • Refactor HTML output handeling.
  • Bank accounts >100 trillion dollar do NOT receive interest anymore.
  • Added extra support text to donate page.
  • Bug fix: Mission planet image was sometimes incorrect rendered.


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