WarQuest 6.1

WarQuest v6.1 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

09-12-2013 WarQuest v6.1
Game Server 6.1

  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added hourly income to each conquered sectors.
    • An inactive clan member is removed from a clan after 30 days.
    • An inactive clan is removed after 60 days.
  • Added dynamic screen size css to support Firefox OS.
  • Added FireFoxOS marketplace button on login page.
  • Added gift shop to Help-Donate page.
  • Improve Release-Notes page layout.
  • Improve Stats page layout.
  • Added sound effects to mission and help pages.
  • Remove Ads functionality (not used for long time).
  • Added database layer unit tests to improve stability.
  • Rename planet numbers to improve source code quality.
  • Bug fix: Planet switch on clan list page is now working correct.
  • Bug fix: Fixed vote exploit!


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