WarQuest 6.5

WarQuest v6.5 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

27-02-2014 WarQuest v6.5
Game Server v6.5

  • Clan Wars improvements:
    • Added clan missions. See Missions->Clan.
    • Added clan statistics to Alliance->Clan->Clan Profile
    • Added hyperlink from Home->Profile->Clan to Clan Profile.
    • Added Players->Leaderboard->Best-Clans.
    • Max. allowed daily deposit to clan bank is 10x hourly income.
  • GUI improvements:
    • Refactor HTML to support new CCS3 themes.
    • Added “transparent” theme (Home->Settings->Theme)
    • Added more color to all themes.
    • Removed not used themes.
    • Redesign main menu and login page.
    • Improve bank transaction log.
    • Update Help->Instructions text.
    • Added Home->Profile->Total hourly income page.
    • Added Home->Profile->Citizens cost page.
    • Added hyperlinks from Home->Profile->Assest to Bank pages
  • Other improvements:
    • Added two extra mars discount buildings.
    • Leaderboard position is now only based on expercience.
    • Limit maximum amount of promotion email invites.
    • Improve email address validation.


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