Wii firmware upgrade 3.0e->4.2e

This evening I have upgraded my friends Wii firmware from version 3.0e to 4.2e. Before I upgraded the Wii firmware I first installed the Homebrew channel (1.0.6) and hidden DVDx channel with the Bannerbomb exploit. This hack is really easy. It took my only 5 minutes to complete all steps. After that I successful upgraded the Wii firmware to 4.2e and installed all (new) available Nintendo channels through the Wii shopping channel. This took about 45 minutes.

Conclusion: Installing the Homebrew and DVDx channel was never so easy. I hope lots of other Wii owners will upgrade there Wii and will explore the world of free Homebrew software. 😀

Source code documentation

Latest week I have added to all my Wii projects extra source code documentation based on javadoc notation style. With doxygen (Doxygen is a documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, and lots of other programming languages) i have created HTML documentation. This documentation is added to the Google SVN repositories. I hope this will help you to understand the source code better.

Ohloh membership

Hi, As you maybe already notest i have joined the Ohloh community. Some kind of Facebook community for open source projects. Most large open source projects (for example Firefox, Gcc, Bash, subversion, Apache, etc.) have joined this great community. It would be really nice that you give me some credits for my work in this community. So if you like the developed software, join the ohloh community and click on the “I USE THIS” button located on the detail project pages. 😆

Many thanks in advance.

PlaatSoft 100.000 downloads!

Hi everybody, This year starts great. On the first day of 2010 PlaatSoft reach officially 100.000 game downloads. This is great news! Thanks for all the PlaatSoft Wii Homebrew supporters around the world 😆 Looking forward to provide you with more high quality Wii Homebrew games in 2010!

Official Count

Game PlaatSoft CodeMii Google Code Totals
Wii Pong2 3.077 33.718 0 36.795
Wii BibleQuiz 1.945 13.384 0 15.329
Wii RedSquare 2.620 15.735 0 18.355
Wii SpaceBubble 2.484 19.796 0 22.280
Wii TowerDefense 857 6.386 0 7.243
Totals 10.983 89.019 0 100.002

Website Upgrade

This morning I have upgraded my website.

The following changes were implemented:
– Upgrade to WordPress 2.9.0
– Upgrade all used plugins to latest available version.
– Remove all Ads because revenue was really poor so far!
– Remove total website page counter.
– Upgrade Atahualpa thema from v3.1.8 to v3.4.4 because old version did not working anymore correct with WordPress 2.9.0. Posted comments were not visible anymore!

Because of the Atahualpa theme upgrade the following functionality was initially not working anymore:
– Show page view counter (Fixed)
– Comment spam protection (Fixed)
– Show category icons (Fixed)
– Post rating (Disabled plug-in, not needed anymore)

My website was hacked!

This evening I found out that my WordPress website was hacked on 17-09-2009 10:00 localtime (Two days ago). 🙁 Not visible spam was added to the footer of this website and all downloads access rights were changed. Does anyone know how this is possible with WordPress 2.8.4? I upgraded three weeks ago my website to WordPress 2.8.4 so I personally think this hack is done with a WordPress 2.8.4 exploit!

The good news is that now everything is working normal again because i did the following things:
– Removed the spam from the footer.php template!
– Corrected the download access rights!
– Protected my score webservice against SQL insertion
– Set the unix file rights to readonly
– Changed all passwords

Starting Symbian Homebrew site

Today i have started a new website about Symbian Homebrew. I was surprised that this kind of website not exist yet! The site is a new independent Symbian Homebrew website. The goal of the website is to provide Nokia Symbian mobile phone users and developers a wiki style website were they can find easy free open-source software! With easy I mean that visitors can downloads applications, games and/or other software without lots of Ads and other non related information. Ofcourse the succes of this website will mainly depend on you! Who will join me to setup and fill this new website. Looking forward to all your posts!

Link to the new site is SymbianBrew

Update 01-08-2011. Because of poor visit amounts I have closed the website.

Website upgrade

This evening i have upgraded my website.

The following changes were implemented:
– Because of a misunderstandment (1) 🙁 Google has disabled my Adsense Ads account. I hope we can resolve this issue soon. In the mean time i switched over to AdBrite Ads.
– Added AdBrite Ads banner to lower part of my website.
– Added AdBrite inline Ads.
– Added AdBrite banners to right sidebar.
– Added anti spam key word to comments input area. Reduce spam with 99%. 🙂
– Added category links to left sidebar for easy data access.
– Updated existing wordpress plugins to latest available version.

(1) My letter to Google Adsense after my account was disabled. After reading today for the first time the Terms & Conditions (During setup, two months ago, I just accepted the license agreement) I now understand want I did accidentally wrong. I was really under the impression that clicking on Ads was allowed if you are really interested in the goods/services with were offered. That was the ONLY reason that I clicked on it. I am terrible sorry that I accidentally violated with this behavior the Adsense Terms & Conditions. It was really not my intention. As you also can read on my website (www.plaatsoft.nl) all the Ads earnings are donated to a Christian non profit organization “Compassion International”. It is in no means for my own personal benefit. I hope with this background information you will reconsider to reactivated my Adsense account again. Wants again I am very sorry that I course Google (and Google customers) any problems. It was not my intention and I hope that we can restart doing business. Best Regards

Website upgrade

This afternoon i have upgraded my website.

The following features are added:
– Upgraded WordPress Engine to 2.7.1
– Upgraded some wordpress plugins

Some other actions to reduce the internet bandwidth:
– Remove tag cloud;
– Added html compress plugin (Save 5% html size for each page)
– Move most images to other web provider;
– Move all downloads to other web provider.

Website upgrade

This night i have upgraded my website.

The following features are added:
– Improve webpage design;
– Faster page load (page size reduced);
– Allows people to recommand/send blog’s post to a friend;
– Shows how many times a post/page had been viewed;
– Added file downloads hit counter;
– Only registrated users can download the source code of the developed games;
– Added a more advanced paging navigation;
– Added statistics page about this website;
– Make donate page visible in menu bar;
– Add more smilies.