New Hosting Provider

Hi. Last week I ordered a Virtual Private Server by Versio. This VPS is now operational and is hosting the following sites:

Family van der Plaat

I updated also all content of these sites because now all content, images and files are now located on the same server. Making maintenance and support much easier! If there are any problems (for example dead links) please let me know! Send an email to

New Hosting Provider

Today is moved to a new hosting Provider. The coming year NitroServe is hosting this site.

Main reason to switch from hosting provider was the limited free of charge traffic (only 5GB per month) of my current provider (StartHosting). The new provider has NO traffic limit so happy surfing and downloading. 😀

If there are any problems with the site please let me known. Greetings!

15th years PlaatSoft

Exactly 15th years ago PlaatSoft was started. So time for a small flashback. It was a great third year. The last year WarQuest for Internet / Windows / Android and ChatCostCalc for Windows were developed with more then 213.000 downloads in total so far.

Ranking website is the 7086th largest site in Netherlands (within .nl domain). Check the serversiders site for more information.

The Future

The coming year more exciting games (focus on Android) will be created. So please checkout this website regular.

PlaatSoft 200.000 downloads

Hi everybody, Today PlaatSoft recorded the 200.000e downloads. That is great news! Thanks to all the users in the world.

Wii game PlaatSoft CodeMii Google Code Totals
Pong2 4.056 43.412 1.078 48.546
BibleQuiz 2.493 18.225 587 21.305
RedSquare 3.465 28.378 834 32.677
SpaceBubble 3.516 35.439 974 39.929
TowerDefense 3.045 50.278 2.275 55.598
KnightsQuest 0 0 0 0
Totals 16.575 175.732 5.748 198.055
Drupal module PlaatSoft Google Code Totals
Addressbook 853 10 863
Event Notification 250 0 250
Church Administration 58 3 61
Totals 1.161 13 1.174
Windows software PlaatSoft Google Code Totals
PlaatStats 563 15 578
PlaatScore 467 15 482
RedSquare 326 6 332
KnightsQuest 10 1 11
Totals 1.366 37 1.403

* Counting is based on my website, CodeMii (HomeBrew browser) and Google code site downloads.
** The following windows tool PlaatStats generated this statistics.