Wii BibleQuiz 0.94

This evening BibleQuiz 0.94 is released by PlaatSoft.

19-11-2009 Version 0.94
– Maintenance release
– Added functionality to trace game events to trace file.
– Improve network thread
– Use libfat 1.0.6 as disk access engine
– Use libmxml 2.6 library as xml engine
– Use libogc 1.8.0 library as Wii interface engine
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.
– Added 20 spanish questions ( 1 topic)


Click here for more information and the download link.

2 thoughts on “Wii BibleQuiz 0.94”

  1. I like this game a lot but it needs more questions. Perhaps not just school-like question of memory, but questions of a more philosophical nature.

    1. Hi Mark, I totally agree. Can you help out with this. Questions can be added quit easy. The BibleQuiz core is just reading XML formatted files. So, if you have time, checkout the already available questions files as example. Create new files a send me the result. That would be great!

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