WarQuest 3.1

Last week the following improvements and changes are added to WarQuest:

06-11-2011 version 3.1
Game website
– Added espionage functionality:
  – Added 12 espionage units.
  – Added detail espionage strength calculation screen.
  – Player detail screen information depends now on espionage strength.
  – More is coming soon
– Redesign Home -> Messages screen:
  – Now you can reply on received messages.
  – You can edit / delete send messages.
– Improve unit,building and stock buy/sell dialog.
– Now posted comments can be edit.
– Added skill point trade-in functionality to Player – Skills screen.
– Updated deployed player skill points values.
– Added six extra battle awards.
– Increase building income.
– Update unit defense values to get better attack/defense balance.
– Added mission statistics graph (Admin mode).
– Improve breaking news input form (Admin mode).

– Please visit to upload player image.
– More WarQuest language translations? Who will help?


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