WarQuest 3.3

This evening WarQuest 3.3 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

19-11-2011 WarQuest 3.3
– Improve Player -> Profile screen:
  – Added Stock Exchange asset information.
  – Split building image type section.
  – Added alliance invite link.
  – Improve PDF report.
– Added new buildings:
  – 10 maintenance buildings.
  – 2 energy buildings.
  – 3 discount buildings.
– Buy maintenance buildings to reduce unit damage during battles.
– Added meta html data to login screen.
– Added alliance size information to banner.
– Added Help -> Credits screen.
– Added Cook and Security Guard citizen.
– Disable building citizens panel. Less is more!
– Added Ads to lower part of screen. Functionality is still disabled.
– Added session take over functionality for better debugging (Admin Mode).
– BugFix: Espionage battle bonus is now always correct.
– BugFix: Battle unit lost contain now only active units.
– BugFix: Army fights do not contain citizens units anymore.
– BugFix: Robot attack message contain now always correct army type.
– BugFix: WarQuest client version detection is now working again.

– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.
– More WarQuest language translations? Who will help?


Last week was a great week for WarQuest. More then 200 new players has joined the game and most of the new players continue playing the game.


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