WarQuest 1.7

This evening WarQuest v1.7 is released with the following change and new features:

07-06-2011 version 1.70
Game Website
– Added attack / defense strength values to battle screen.
– Added message if no players are available to fight.
– Improve menu bar alignment.
– Improve game status bar.
– Added player -> comments page navigation.
– Split home page in three parts. Added submenu.
– Added bank images.
– Added gravatar player image support.
– Improve some unit pictures.
– Added level 0. Mission training level.
– Added multi language support for country names.
– Recruit button is only showed when player is not an ally.
– Added render time information in footer.
– Added message smilies support
– Improve page title.
– Player can now delete message send to all players.


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