WarQuest 1.6

This evening PlaatSoft has released WarQuest 1.6 with the following changes:

19-05-2011 Version 1.6
Game Website
– Login page language depends on browser language setting now.
– Added language selection to Player – Settings page.
– Improve english translation. Thanks suave.
– Added dutch translation. Thanks SuperT.
– Update about page.
– Detect very old WarQuest windows client. Force upgrade!
– Remove URL GET parameter processing.
– Remove jquery dependency. Improve performance 5%.
– Added picture to hospital page.
– Improve award pictures.
– Receive extra skill point when award is won.
– Adapted first 10 level transistions.
– Bug fix: upkeep money calculation corrected.

– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.


Click here to enter directly the game!

3 comments to WarQuest 1.6

  • REMARK. If you install a new Windows WarQuest client (version 0.4) and want to re-use your old WarQuest account. Please start Windows regedit. Search for the WarQuest registry entry. Enter your username in the token1 entry and your password in the token2 entry. After restarting the Windows WarQuest client the new settings will be used.

    In the next release (version 0.5) of the Windows WarQuest client the username and password can be managed with a setting page. This release is coming soon!

  • This evening WarQuest client 0.50 is released. Now you can manage your WarQuest account on the settings windows. Start the WarQuest Windows client. Click left and select the setting menu item.

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    58.990 battles
    492.560 requests

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