Wii TowerDefense 0.93

PlaatSoft has released TowerDefense v0.93. The following changes were made:

22-01-2010 Version 0.93
– Added weapon fire mode information on weapon help screen.
– Improve weapon reload delay initialisation.
– Added donate screen.
– Bugfix: Weapon fire sprites were 22 degree misaligned.
– Introduce different weapon fire modes.
– Fire at enemy in range nearest to base (Gun / Rifle)
– Fire at enemy in range with highest energy level (Cannon / Missile)
– Fire at fastest enemy in range (Laser / Nuke)
– Rebalance weapon specifications. Mix features more!
– Optimised some draw methods for beter performance. Thanks Crayon.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

9 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.93”

  1. Please remove the score id 37216. I was playing with the source, and didn’t comment out the score upload. 😳

  2. The game is great by the way. i give it a 10 😀

    I have some ideas that could make this game a lot better.
    1.Will it be possible to make it look more closer to 3D (kind of like crystal defenders R1 or R2 style) but not with details and everything.
    Here is one image that am talking about.
    2.Could a second person be added or a multiplayer mode.
    3.Better textures maybe or new ones.
    3.New weapons (arrow towers, fire towers, ice towers, lightning towers) etc.
    4.Could the sidebar be on the bottom instead of the left side.

    These are just my thoughts.
    Scence i don’t have programing skills.

  3. This game is so much fun! Thanks for developing it.

    I have a few suggestions.

    1) We have a older 4:3 TV and areas around the edges do not display on screen. We can place items of the edge of the screen but its difficult to locate them after placement. It seems about 1 to 2 “rows” to wide on each edge.

    2) Balancing has improved but still needs some work. I seem to constantly have funding issues regardless of difficulty. Maybe more money should be provided for easier levels. Also the nukes are a little too expensive.

    3) It would be nice if the nuke shot at the most powerful enemy not the fastest. It seems like such a waste so shoot a 20 point enemy with a weapon that does 200 damage.

    4) I am not sure what this would do to the balance of the game but what about road placement items to slow enemies down?

    5) Nukes are to expensive 😉

    6) Was the maximum level 124 or somewhere around there addressed? Maybe terminate the level at that point or display something that says you won or something. Not that its really an issue anymore as you can get past level 60 but just in case.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Alex, Thanks you great feedback.

      1. Know issue. Hard to solve. Every TV is centering the Wii output differently. The only solution for me is the skip at least on every edge 32 pixels. But then the screen is getting really small. So sorry, I can not solve this. I have a 32″ Sony Bravia LCD TV. I miss also +/- 16 pixels on each edges.

      2. Balancing. I will do some new tests with more money. The problem is, that if there is to much money in the game, the game will never end. Too bad i can not simulate the game behavior. So adapting this kind of parameters will take a lot of test time. I do not have that much of time. But anyway i will do my best.

      3. Ok, i will change this in the next release.

      4. Road blocks. Nice idea. Let me think about it!

      5. They are expensive but are very powerful. I will make them 500 dollar cheaper in the next release.

      6. I think there is a bug around level 124. But in the latest releases nobody will every reach this level. So i did investigate anytime in this issue yet!

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