Wii Pong2 0.95

A new version of Pong2 is released with the following changes:

20/01/2009 Version 0.95
– Update url on intro screens to www.plaatsoft.nl (My new domain).
– Improve intro screen positioning by PAL 50Hz TV mode.
– Network thread status is showed on screen.
– Game score is send anonymous to internet web services.
– Bugfix: Highscore is now always loaded correctly.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.

3 thoughts on “Wii Pong2 0.95”

  1. Hi Willem,

    Thanks for reading my post. (and making those homebrew games i play most) ^^

    I know i have too much time ’cause i get so much new ideas but there are some i have toughed while walking in my work so..

    Pong 2:
    For the Pong controller problem i think otherway could be to use nunchuk or gamecube controller for player 2.. Dunno if it any easier ’cause i have no idea about coding for Wii. That difference with blocksizes was great new thing in pong 2 and if could be something like handicap setting for 2-player game that could be great. I also liked that speed chance thing. Maybe it could be triggered at special in two players so it slows game down for few seconds and then turns back at normal fast speed after that. Maybe somekind of special loading meter and enough long loading times could make that fun. And chance to get that special slowmo off at 2-players settings ’cause maybe some players like to play pong as it was at old times.

    But those are just new ideas & i have no idea how much time they could need and are they necessary (or even possible at the moment)

  2. Hello Wiibrew users,

    If someone you want to translate it to a other language please wait for the next coming release. I will move all the text to a separate xml file. The language dependency much be solved on this way else i have to make all my future code change in multi version. This is not what I want.

    Greeting wplaat

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