Wii TowerDefense 0.96

PlaatSoft has released TowerDefense v0.96. The following changes were made:

11-09-2010 Version 0.96
– Update menu screen information.
– Use GRRLIB 4.3.0 as graphical engine.
– libpng was updated to version 1.4.2
– libjpeg was updated to version 8b
– zlib was updated to version 1.2.5
– FreeType was updated to 2.3.12
– Maintenance release.
– Build game with devkitPPC r21 compiler.


Click here for more information and the download link.

5 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.96”

  1. More structures to build. We should be able to choose from different kinds of walls that will only be built on pathways. Walls of bricks, walls of steel, etc.. They can have different levels HP so they will stand longer when monsters cluster against the wall and attack it.

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