Wii RedSquare 0.95

This evening RedSquare 0.95 for Nintendo Wii is released by PlaatSoft. The following changes were made:

11-02-2010 Version 0.95
– Added Wii DVD light effects to game.
– Improve game settings screen.
– Added donate screen.
– Added scrollbar to highscore and release notes screens.
– The 100ste highest local scores are showed.
– The 40ste highest today and global high scores are showed.
– Added to most screens network status information.
– Extend user name from 3 to 6 characters.
– Default user name is based on Wii nickname.
– Increase http buffer size from 8kb to 10kb.
– Bug fix: Http thread memory cleanup was not correctly executed.
– Added source code to Google Code repository.
– Added source code documentation (Javadoc style).
– With the doxygen tool the documentation can be generated.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

If anybody has a good idea how to improve this game, please post a comment

7 thoughts on “Wii RedSquare 0.95”

  1. well….since you are asking for suggestions

    find an OPTION for the blue blocks to be in different places(switch up their position) so that if you already mastered the normal version(know where the blocks are moving next) you can try it in a different way

    one thing that i found annoying with this game is that when you start playing it, it becomes tiring to wait for the blue squares to speed up when you play over and over and over again……maybe you could allow for one to speed up the blocks by pressing a button or something of the such

    and one last thing that i think maybe you should take note of is that the blue squares change speed suddenly every 10 second,this can be a little tricky since you may think that your gonna be able to dodge a block ,but suddenly it speeds up. i suggest that you make it slightly gradual. make it accelerate in a 5 second cycle gradually…..

    most this would hardly change the game,but hey,it’s just suggestion.and if you do take these,i ask you to please make them optional……more options means less repetion = better game :mrgreen:

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. Let me think about it! You are right, introducing random start positions would make the game much harder. Maybe i will introduce a “easy, medium, hard” game option to control this behavior! Greeting!

  2. Truely awesome game; I just can’t stop myself from playing it! Thanks for your work! One suggestion I thought of would be the ability to capture an animated movie of the game so that a player could review later. Something like having it cache the video until the end of the game and prompt “save replay for later?” I realize it would probably not be feasible to code into the game, but would be a great way to capture the moment of glory on getting into the global top scores list. 🙂

    Thanks again!!

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