WarQuest connection problem

Yesterday a connection (GPRS/UMTS) problem started with WarQuest. This problem is related to the hosting provider so a problem report is drop there. I am waiting for there response. In the mean time there are three workarrounds available:

(1) Play WarQuest with a Wifi (ADSL Land line) connection on your Android mobile.

(2) Play warquest direct with a browser on the following URL: www.warquest.nl.

(3) Play warquest direct with a browser on the following mirror URL: www.plaatsoft.nl/warquest.

Sorry for the inconvenience!!!! 🙁

UPDATE 10:00: Connectivity problem is solved. One on the cluster hardware nodes (hosting provider) mall function. Therefor +/- 50% of all connecivity requests did timeout. Now full services is restored again!

One thought on “WarQuest connection problem”

  1. Hi, i downloaded warquest 3 days ago on my android phone but i didnt register, so today i got log out but i cant log in again because i dont know the password and my email isnt registered can you help me please, my nickname on the game is conzie from korea thanks

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