WarQuest 2.9

Today WarQuest 2.9 is released. The following improvements and changes are implemented:

21-10-2011 version 2.9
Game website
– Complete redesign of building functionality.
– Each building contain now citizens.
– Each citizen has hourly cost (so deploying buildings reduce your income).
– Calculate initial player citizen size (Admin mode)
– Improve building transaction messages.
– Refactor some source code for better performance.
– Added hourly cost information to unit popup.
– Disable Poker, Roulette and BlackJack casino games.

– By introducing the new building functionality your income can get negative.
– Buy more income buildings or sell other buildings to resolve this problem.
– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.
– More WarQuest language translations? Who will help?


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