WarQuest 4.5

This evening WarQuest v4.5 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

09-02-2012 WarQuest 4.5
– Battle page contain now random player selection.
– Added rebellion rise and bounty set awards.
– Updated home award section and help award page.
– Added more cyberspace players in higher levels.
– Added five more battle awards.
– Improve player search (Admin mode)
– Integrated Twitter functionality. (Admin mode)
– Change battle range algoritme. Now more players are in range!
– Added forum topic search.
– Cron job functionality:
– Added “Sell some units of players with negative hourly income”.
– Optimize some queries for better performance.
– Health restore timer inactive period decreased to 5 minutes.
– Improve cyberspace robots intelligence:
– Robot get a live when attacked.
– Robot buy automatic new units and buildings.
– Robot income period is extended with 24 hours after an attack.
– Robot trade-in received skill points.
– Robot withdraw automatic money for bank accounts.
– Robot counter attack smart. So be aware!
– Bug fix: Player battle news contain now always correct army type.
– Bug fix: Rebalance some defense values of moon units.
– Bug fix: Battle loot is now working correct!
– Bug fix: Ranking place on home is now always correct.
– Bug fix: Remove typo from home screen.
– Bug fix: Remove double player profile on chat page.
– Bug fix: Rebellion on moon popup information is now right.


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