WarQuest 4.3

This evening WarQuest v4.3 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

25-01-2012 WarQuest 4.3
– Added basic chatroom
– Standardized player name format (name + country flag).
– Added 12 explorer moon units (same skills as espionage units).
– Bounty hunting is now more restricted. See help instructions.
– Refactor menu. Now forum is available in main menu.
– After the earth the moon can be now conquered.
– Added 37 moon units, 35 moon buildings and 72 moon missions.
– Added “Travel to Moon” link on home page.
– Player -> Profile shows information about your current location.
– Force strength is now realtime calculated.
– Added one to one relation between units and army battle forces.
– Optimize overall performance.
– Bank page layout optimized.
– Disable set bounty on cyberspace players.
– Moon map is now clickable.
– Bug fix: Player with only space characters in nickname can now be selected.
– Bug fix: Now classified opponent profile is working again.
– Bug fix: Resolve some small graphical issues.


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