WarQuest 2.1

This morning WarQuest v2.1 is released with the following new features and bugfixes:

02-07-2011 version 2.1
Game website
– Added ally icon to Best-Player leaderbord and Battle page.
– Improve allies overview page.
– Allies can not be attack anymore!
– Change default background. Hope everybody like it!
– Increase battle and bank transaction log size to 30 max entries.
– Enabled ranks and awards help page again.
– Remove wishlist from release notes. Game is almost full feature!
– Improve source code encryption file format.
– Improve login page. Added supported hardware and browsers.
– Added page navigation above data tables.
– Improved Attack and Defense skill points functionality.
– Make game compliant with Android browsers.
– Added robot players up to level 45.
– Bugfix: Mission loot was not always working fine in high levels.
– Bugfix: Money values on apple devices are now correctly displayed.
– Bugfix: Now all old WarQuest clients are detected correctly.

– Who will help translate WarQuest to other languages? Please leave a comment.
– Please visit www.gravatar.com to upload player image.


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