WarQuest Android App 1.9

This evening PlaatSoft released Android WarQuest 1.9. The following changes were implemented:

15-11-2011 Version 1.9
– Maintenance release.
– Released app on Android Market.

10-11-2011 Version 1.8
– Refactor source code.
– Released app on Android Market.

06-11-2011 Version 1.7
– On exit (submenu button) all cached files are deleted.
– This prevents error pages to be reloaded for the cache.
– Released app on Android Market.


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WarQuest 1.9

This evening WarQuest v1.9 is released with the following new features and bugfixes:

20-06-2011 version 1.9
Game Website
– Improve loot. Now multiple units can be won.
– Improve battle opponent list selection.
– Added applicatie file logging for better debugging.
– Added player PDF report.
– Added counter attack action in Home -> Battle News view.
– Added wishlist to release notes.
– Improve menu navigation.
– Improve fight bonus message.
– Added tooltip to award images.
– Enlarge player message size from 200 to max. 400 characters.
– Bug fix: Random strength calculation mismatch resolved.
– Bug fix: Random battle lost issue resolved.
– Bug fix: Protect battle agains negative money bonus.
– Bug fix: Protect missions again negative hourly income.


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