Compiled Libogc 1.7.1

To help beginner Wii developers i have compiled the latest available libogc 1.7.1 library. I have added to this library libfat 1.0.2 and libsnd 1.0. Please click on the below link to download this library.

Update on 06-02-2010. I removed the download link. Now libogc 1.8.1 with integrated sound module is available. So there is not need anymore for this download!

Wii network library

The following Wii network library was developed by dhewg, and adapted by me. This library also contain functionality to log the start of an application. This event with optional user data (for example highscore information) is send to Google analytics.

Short API description

# Start http / tcp thread
extern int tcp_start_thread(char *name, char *version, char *id1, char *url1, char*id2, char *url2, char *id3, char *url3, char *token, char *userData2, char *userData3);

# Stop network thread
extern int tcp_stop_thread(void);

# Get current state of network statemachine as digit
extern int tcp_get_state_nr(void);

# Get current state of network statemachine as text label
extern char *tcp_get_state(void);

# Set new state 
int tcp_set_state(int state, char *userData3);

# Get newest application version from a webpage.
extern char *tcp_get_version(void);

# Get release notes information from a webpage.
extern char *tcp_get_releasenote(void);

# Get highscore xml information from a webservice.
extern char *tcp_get_highscore(void);


You can download this library be click to below link.

See for a working example the Pong2, BibleQuiz, RedSquare or SpaceBubble source code.