Wii TowerDefense 0.91

PlaatSoft has released TowerDefense v0.91. The following changes were made:

09-01-2010 Version 0.91
– Added 25 animated enemy sprites. Thanks Applicant!
– Added game setting screen.
– Added intro screen 3
– Improve winter theme sprites.
– Improve first help screen.
– Improve main menu screen.
– Lots of other small GUI changes.
– Make game harder to play!
– Less start money.
– Enemy minimum / maximum speed depend on wave nr.
– Increase weapon prices.
– Increase maximum concurrent monsters in action.
– Decrease weapons effective range.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

6 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.91”

  1. * Excellent, just played it. I see the balance in difficulty has been restored as well – I had to build a bit more variety in weapons before I progressed to nukes, and it gradually began to get very difficult; one or two guys got through, once in a while, but then going back and upgrading a few things or building an extra tower would hold them back for a few more waves. Three things about the sprites:

    1. I forgot to go back and fix bug2 – he’s got north and south reversed, so it looks like he’s climbing down going south, and moonwalking going north. I’ll upload a new version – can you swap him out?
    2. I should have mentioned the animation frames are meant to go frame1, frame2, frame1, frame3. Frame one is meant to be a neutral standing straight up and down pose, then frame 2 is one foot forward, and frame three is the other foot forward. It’s not a big deal, but going 1213 instead of just 123 might make them look a bit less twitchy.
    3. When playing on hard on the first map, I put two cannons at the top at the very start of the monster path. Twice early in the game something purple ( I think it was the purple version of bug1 ) had been squished like it was killed, but still had 5hp left, and was moving along. It got shot by later towers, but it was definitely put down to 5hp by the first two cannons, had played the squish animation early, but was still walking, and made it all the way down to the first turn in the road, and then half way down that part of the road, squished. Only saw it happen twice, and only when I had two cannons at the very start of the road.

    I’ll go fix bug 2’s variations and upload them, then work on some tower animations.Applicant 255 01:50, 10 January 2010 (UTC)
    Updates to bug2 uploaded

    1. Hi Applicant, Thanks for the feedback. I have added the correct bug2 and found the issue with walking squished enemies. In the next release it will work correct! Wplaat

  2. Hey plaat this is COBAKA, currently I’m #30 top score from v.90 and I love your game! I just downloaded v.91 and it’s definitely WAY harder. Love the new characters, and animations, thanks Applicant! So anyway I’d like to recommend a bit more tweaking of the difficulty level as before I could finish the game (wave 124) on Hard with no problem and now I can never get into the 40s waves on Easy. This is mainly due to the changes in weapon prices, especially nukes and lasers.

    For example the laser cost went way up to $4,000 but is not any more powerful, and without upgrades it is only 10HP stronger than the missile which only costs $1,000. And nukes, the upgrade path is now ridiculously expensive. It would make sense to keep the cost at $6,000 or even lower it while keeping upgrades expensive, but to raise the price of purchase and entry at the same time was overkill. I would love to see even $10-12,000 purchase cost but much cheaper upgrades.

    I would like to hear if you tested v.91 and it’s possible to get past the 50s waves, notice that there are no really high scores posted from v.91 on the leaderboard. So that’s just my 2 cents 😀 I hope you keep developing this game cuz it’s awesome.

    1. I Corbaka. The game play is must harder in v0.91. This was the hole idea. Release v0.90 and before contain a bug therefor you good reach levels above 100. In the up coming release (v0.92) the game play is a little easyer again. Weapon prices are a little bit lower and a new feature is added. You can sell deployed weapons and re-use the money to buy stronger ones! If most people have upgraded to v0.91 or higher i will reset the highscore to give everybody a new chance ❗

  3. Oh and one more thing I thought about, I like the turret logic of the weapons so far. I think I can see that they choose to shoot an enemy closer to the tower rather than one further away from it (is this true?). I would like to see the turrets get smarter about power levels as well. For example, sometimes a nuke shoots an enemy with 5 life even though an enemy with 400 life runs by at the same time. If the turrets could “think” the more powerful enemy is a more important target they could avoid wasting shots on weak enemies.

    Similarly, if there could be logic predicting enemy death that would be great. Sometimes the same situation as before happens and several turrets “waste” their shot shooting at the empty space where the enemy used to be after the first shot kills it. If the turret could tell how much life the enemy it is targeting has (as part of the above prioritizing logic) it could also note if the enemy will die with its shot and the other turrets can avoid targeting the same enemy. These things weren’t so important before but with v.91 being so hard I’m dying without this. 😀

    1. Great idea to make the weapons more “thinking”. The firing algoritme is now very easy. If the weapeon can fire he will search for the first enemy in the wave (queue) which is in range and then shoot it. Would be better that he thats the energy level also in account. I will try to implement this behalviour in the next release.

      The weapons something shoot on deading enemies is a bug. This issue is already fixed in the upcoming release!

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