RedSquare 10.000 downloads

Since the launch of RedSquare, back in 20 December 2008, it was downloaded over 10.000 times. Wow! :). So a very special thanks to everyone who’s been downloading, playing and commenting this game.

Official Count

Homebrew Browser 7.802 times
My website 1.112 times
Other websites around the world +/- 1.100 times
Total +/- 10.014 times

2 thoughts on “RedSquare 10.000 downloads”

  1. 😀 i’m CMC, i hold the world record on ur game. I cheated. I kept pressing plus to freeze the game. i got more then 3mins. i suggest u fix that. u can take me off the top. i already took a pic. email me a reply if any1 wants to. i like these games.

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