Progress report TowerDefense

Hi everybody, Here a small update about the continues development of TowerDefense. On this moment Appliciant is designing new animated enemy and weapon sprites for the game. If all the enemies and weapons are ready i will bring out the next major release. To give your some idea were it is going too, check out the following art drawing. In the mean time if there are any bugs or new ideas please post them below!

2 thoughts on “Progress report TowerDefense”

    1. Thanks for this contribution. Nice to see that people are created new map sprites. I have tried out your sprites. It is a little bit black/white. The road and base are looking great. Can you improve the general1.png and general2.png sprites. Some more color would be nice. Maybe i will introduce a theme selection screen where players can selected with game theme they would to play.

      Some brainwaves for themes:Forest, Desert, Winter, Space, more ideas and sprites are welcome!

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