Wii SpaceBubble 0.59

Hi everybody. The last two nights i worked very hard on the next release (v0.59) of SpaceBubble. The final (stable) release v0.60 will be ready for the homebrew scene in a couple of days.

The following things are done.

– Added in sound settings button “loop music track”.
– Play random music track during game.
– Sound settings are stored in configuration file.
– If player is 10 seconds idle give a random bubble select hint.
– From level five SuperShift bubble option is activated.
– Rename “General Setting” menu button to “User Initials”.
– Improve score calculation on cleared level screen.
– Add level seven with more bonus points to earn.
– Bugfix: Clock color is now showed always right.

– Nintendo Wii Classic controller support

– Fix global high score screen crash (Can not find any bug, very strang story…)
– Added MP3 background music support.
– Nintendo Game Cube controller support
– Multi player support
– Multi language support (Move language to xml data file)
– Nintendo External LAN device support (Hard to solve, because i do not have this device)

This Beta build is not released (Internal test version)

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