Wii SpaceBubble 0.49

Hi everybody. This evening I stared working on the next beta release (v0.49) of SpaceBubble. The final (stable) release v0.50 will be ready for the homebrew scene in a couple of days. The following changed will be added:

27/01/2009 Version 0.49
– Hotfix: Prevent crash if IR pointer is going out of the screen.
– Added bubble destroy graphical effect.
– Add 10 seconds extra playtime to each level.

This Beta build is not released (Internal test version)

2 thoughts on “Wii SpaceBubble 0.49”

    1. Hi Jan, If everything is going by plan you can download release v0.50 today round 22:00 (Dutch) local time. Looking forward to your test feedback. 8)

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