WarQuest Android App freeze with Ads

I detected a hanging (freeze) problem with the Android WarQuest app. After the introduction of AdBrite Ads in the footer yesterday the app hangs (freeze) after +/- 22 clicks (+/- 22 ads showed) in the web game. Exiting the app and a restart results in a white screen. App is still hanging.

Option 1. Upgrade Android WarQuest to version 2.0
Option 2. Please kill the WarQuest app with Task Killer app and restart. Then the normal situation is restored.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

I have disabled all AdBrite Ads for Android players on www.warquest.nl for the time being.

Some technical background.
I use the WebView component in Android to render the www.warquest.nl game. Problem is detected with Android 2.2.x and 2.3.X. Other Android version not tested yet. The Android Browser gives exactly the same problem. So it is not related only to my app. It looks like a general problem with the Android WebView API. Does anybody knows a solution for the critical problem?

Update 28-11-2011
I have investigated some more time in this issue and found the root cause of the problem. The problem lays in the fact the sometimes Adbrite Ads tcp/ip connections are not closed properly by Adbrite. If you are using the Wifi connection on a Android device the TCP/IP connection pool can have maximum 10 open connections. If during website navigation more then 10 Ads connections stay open the Android browser and/or WarQuest App hangs forever.

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