Wii BibleQuiz 0.91

A new version of BibleQuiz is released with the following changes:

06/02/2009 Version 0.91
– Added multi player mode for two, three and four players.
– Improve third intro screen.
– Increase http receive buffer size to 8196 bytes.
– Use only one unique cookie number during the game.
– Bugfix: Highscore is now always loaded correctly.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.


Click here for more information and the download link.

2 thoughts on “Wii BibleQuiz 0.91”

  1. This is the first version w/ Multiplayer.
    Was kinda expecting, give everyone a chance to answer mode.
    Decreasing points for 2, 3, 4th correct answers.

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