WarQuest 5.0

This evening WarQuest v5.0 is released with the following changes and bug fixes:

24-03-2012 WarQuest 5.0
– Resync levels
– Earth levels are now 0 – 99.
– Moon levels are now 100 – 149.
– Mars levels are now 150 – 199.
– Asteroid levels are now 200 – 249.
– Added italian translation. Thanks ZennCore.
– Added 0.75 day cease fire option.
– Maximun unit amount per type increase to 5.000.
– Battle news (Home – News) contains now only last two days.
– Added travel option to alliance and help page.
– Added player profile building discount and maintenance detail page.
– Breaking news content is now always english.
– Default sorting alliance invite is change to last active on top.
– Bug fix: Cash flow detail pages now support planet switch.
– Bug fix: Player profile detail page – planet switch is now working correct.


Click here to enter directly the game!

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