SpaceBubble 10.000 downloads

Since the launch of SpaceBubble, less then three months ago, it was downloaded over 10.000 times. Wow! 😆 So a very special thanks to everyone who’s been downloading, playing and commenting this game.

Official download count

Homebrew Browser 7.496 times
My website 994 times
Other websites around the world +/- 1.501 times
Total +/- 10.001 times

2 thoughts on “SpaceBubble 10.000 downloads”

  1. Yesterday, I changed my Wii to PAL50 and I saw some different things between PAL50/60 in your games:
    – the screen is different (FPS aren’t on screen (60Hz/NTSC)
    – The game is slower in PAL50 (RedSquare -> Blue squares (60Hz) are more faster at 00.40 than 50Hz’s) (so it’s easier to do a better time in PAL50 than PAL60).
    – the timer is slower in PAL50.

    I’m using a 4:3 PAL TV.

    Can you try to fix those things please ?
    Tank you in advance

  2. Hi ML,

    Sorry for the slow response. Very busy. I am aware that the screen resolution is different in 50Hz and 60Hz mode. I will replace the fps information to an other place so it will stay on the screen also in 60 Hz mode. Thanks for you comment! 😀

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