WarQuest 0.70

Today Plaatsoft released WarQuest 0.70

18-03-2011 Version 0.70
Game Website
– Added progress bar to mission.
– Added chance of loot during mission.
– Added email notification to alliance functionality.
– Improve unit lost message during mission.
– Improve battle summary page.
– Improve email reply address and mail content.
– Improve setting page – current values are showed.
– Added: Change email on setting page.
– Adjusted unit lost chance.
– Improve battle log cleanup.
– Added invite friends (email) to game and get bonus.
– Added build number to login page.
– Improve player page layout.
– Adjust hospital cost.
– Bugfix: Solve some small GUI mismatches.
– Bugfix: Show correct continent name on mission page.
– Bugfix: Battle log is now working correct.
– Bugfix: Battle report defense buildings amount now right.

To make the game more fun, we need more players. Please tell the world about this great game!

2 thoughts on “WarQuest 0.70”

  1. So far 98 players are active in the game. There is much more room for players. So please join the game and be the best of your country. 😀

  2. Updated WarQuestClient to freewareFiles.com. I hope that now more people download the client a play the game!

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