WarQuest 0.70

Today Plaatsoft released WarQuest 0.70

18-03-2011 Version 0.70
Game Website
– Added progress bar to mission.
– Added chance of loot during mission.
– Added email notification to alliance functionality.
– Improve unit lost message during mission.
– Improve battle summary page.
– Improve email reply address and mail content.
– Improve setting page – current values are showed.
– Added: Change email on setting page.
– Adjusted unit lost chance.
– Improve battle log cleanup.
– Added invite friends (email) to game and get bonus.
– Added build number to login page.
– Improve player page layout.
– Adjust hospital cost.
– Bugfix: Solve some small GUI mismatches.
– Bugfix: Show correct continent name on mission page.
– Bugfix: Battle log is now working correct.
– Bugfix: Battle report defense buildings amount now right.

To make the game more fun, we need more players. Please tell the world about this great game!

2 comments to WarQuest 0.70

  • wplaat

    So far 98 players are active in the game. There is much more room for players. So please join the game and be the best of your country. 😀

  • wplaat

    Updated WarQuestClient to I hope that now more people download the client a play the game!

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