Wii TowerDefense 0.70

Today plaatsoft has released TowerDefense v0.70. The following changes were made:

27-12-2009 Version 0.70
– Added “Easy, Medium, Hard” level select screen.
– Added six medium level and six hard level maps.
– Added version information is webservice call.
– BugFix: Highscore screens now show correct amount of entries!
– Adapted weapon specifications (Weapons are more powerfull).
– Adapted enemy specifications (enemies are less powerfull).
– Adapted six easy maps to be more easy.
– Increase enemy walk speed after each 20 waves.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.

11 thoughts on “Wii TowerDefense 0.70”

  1. hey the buttons that are at the bottom are invisible and the screen is to big verticaly. it doesnt display the whole game screen

    1. Hi, On this moment the game is optimized for 50Hz (640×528 pixels) TV Mode. THe next release will support 60Hz (640×480 pixels) TV mode.
      Workarround on this moment is switch TV Mode from 60 Hz to 50Hz.

        1. Are you sure? cause i have version 9.3 and it is still not showing the full game. Its only showing a little more than what it was showing before. Can’t use get the game to check the screen size and change itself based on that.

          1. I have usa and i have the latest wii and homebrew versions. But it’s not just the top and bottom sides it’s the whole game.

  2. Can anyone provide any tips for getting prepared for Wave 31 and above in version 0.7? I have been playing Easy – Level 2 – and understand the game, but when those guys come fast and furious, all of the ways I have tried to prep have failed and the furthest I can get now is Wave 34. With the limited amount of money to work with, the best strategy I have found is to fill every grass spot with Missiles, but I run out of money when trying to upgrade them and then die. Trying to mix Rifles, Missiles, Lasers, and Nukes leads to less success for me because you have fewer of them due to the higher costs of the latter weapons, and paying to increase the rate of all of them gets expensive. Doing just Lasers and Nukes and upgrading them is more doable since you have fewer of them to upgrade so it is less expensive, but even that only gets me to die at level 31. Doing a layer of Rifles, then Missiles, then Lasers leads to the same result also. I run out of money or die before I can do any upgrades that might save me. In version 0.6, I was able to get to Wave 74 with barely any problem, since the enemies weren’t all bunched together moving so fast! Maybe there is a better approach, but I haven’t gotten there yet… Help please! –SuperWario 03:00, 30 December 2009 (UTC)

    1. I am working on a new release 0.80 were the game play is equal to v0.60. Sorry that 0.70 is so hard to play

  3. – Awesome!! Thanks for listening to comments and suggestions – very cool of ya! 😉 Making it less difficult (really the reducing speed and/or density of enemies) would really help me out, but I am just wondering if anyone else finds this version hard also? Maybe it’s just me?! Perhaps there is a strategy that I am not considering and making it easier would disappoint those who figured it out… Just trying to think of everyone – not just me.

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