Wii KnightsQuest Design

Hello everybody,

Hereby i post some design drawings of the KnightsQuest game i am developing. The game screen will be based on six side map elements. These elements will be the base of each play map. The game screen can scroll horizontal and vertical. So big maps are supported.

On each map minimal 2 and maximum 6 (one human, five computer) players will start with two farms and two farmers. Each turn each player may move the farmer to a new free location on the board. The location will be part of his land. How bigger the land how more food is produced resulting in more farmers. Players can also occupied land of other players. They need a soldier, knight or super knight for this. Farmers can be upgrade to a soldier, soldier to knight, etc… during the game.

Here is the gameboard design

Here are the map element designs

I hope with this post it is a litte bit more clear what kind op game I am developing for the Wii homebrew scene. If you have any comments please let me known!

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