Released SpaceBubble 0.70

A new version of SpaceBubble is released with the following changes:

08/02/2009 Version 0.70
– Increase game board size from 12×12 to 14×14 bubbles.
– Added total clear (no bubbles left) bonus per level.
Remove game board control buttons. Use the WiiMote A button instead.
– Press the Home button on WiiMote to return to the menu screen.
– High score is send to web service if score is better then 12.000 point.
– Only this first WiiMote can control the music and stop a running game.
– Bug fix: Do not show bubble select hint when game is over.
– Bug fix: Hint is now always working correct.
– Build game with libogc 1.7.1 and devkitPPC r16 compiler.